Top Five Most Entertaining Fights of 2016


#4 Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson was the faster man inside the Octagon that night. He was more intelligent, more dynamic, and more offensively sound than his opponent, the UFC welterweight champion. But none of that mattered, because Tyron Woodley had that special knockout power to keep the balance.

Woodley and Thompson went to absolute war at UFC 205. And while Thompson came into the Octagon as advertised, Woodley made sure he wasn’t forgotten in all the hoopla.

In the end, it was Thompson’s varied offensive attack against Woodley’s concussive KO power. And guess what? There was no clear winner.

The bout ended in a draw and Woodley ended up retaining his title.

A rematch is in the works and I’m sure fans will appreciate that the second bout go exactly the way of the first.

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