WATCH: Bouncer With Good Punch Thwarts Restaurant Intruders

People enroll themselves into martial arts classes to learn the most effective way of defending themselves from imminent danger. You’ll never know when you would need self-defense skills to save yourself and your dignity from a painful ass-whooping in public.

A bouncer, who works for a fancy restaurant in Ireland, did what he had to do when two guys tried to ruin a beautiful, sunny day.

As his job requires him to do so, the guy in a white button down shirt tried to maintain peace and order when two thugs approached and ganged up on him.

The security personnel tried to talk things over in a civil manner, but the two guys had different intentions. The blonde clean-shaven dude threw a right hand. Meanwhile, the other guy smacked the bouncer with a slapping punch to the face.

The bouncer called for back-up with his walkie-talkie, but when he realized that it would take a few more minutes to arrive, he took matters into his own hands.

While one trouble-maker conjured up the spirit of Daniel LaRusso, the bouncer clobbered him with a right cross to the chin before he could really do anything.

For good measure, he also approached the tall intruder, dropping him to the floor with the same crisp punch.

The lanky man wanted to get even as he got back up to his feet and charged the bouncer. But the security guard easily knocked him out cold with another lunging punch to the back of his head.

Realizing that he was all alone, the perp saw his good buddy in an immobile state on the floor. The remaining troublemakers then drew their last offensive tactic, a spitball from about five feet away.

When the bouncer’s back-up finally arrived, the guy instead opted to go home with his unconscious friend. Spectators assisted at the center of the commotion.

The moral of the story: Be polite and don’t judge a book by its cover — especially a guy who is wearing a white button down shirt with a walkie-talkie and is working as a bouncer at an expensive bistro.