WATCH: Bouncer KTFO’s Dude With Mayweather Sucker Punch

Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be the greatest boxer of this generation, but he will forever be associated with sucker punches. Mayweather blindsided opponent Victor Ortiz in 2011 with a sly right straight out of nowhere.

Known for his highly-technical defensive fighting style that puts most boxing fans into la-la-land, Mayweather’s knockout of Ortiz was his last. Since then, he has won seven bouts, all decisions.

After an intentional head butt by Ortiz in the fourth round, Ortiz tried to take some time to apologize. That’s when Mayweather took advantage of the situation as Ortiz had his hands down. Mayweather connected on a blistering left hook and followed up with a flush right hand to the face.

It was lights out for Ortiz at that point.

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Sporting News

The Sucker Punch Heard Round The World

Prior to the stoppage, Ortiz was actually doing quite well, tagging Mayweather with left and right hands. The young and immature Ortiz however let frustration get the better of him, so he resorted to committing fouls.

We can’t really blame Mayweather for punching his opponent who wasn’t exactly ready to defend himself.

Up to this day, Mayweather can still feel the ire of many from his controversial win over Ortiz. But it is completely a different story on the mean streets at midnight when most people are drunk and not in the right frame of mind.


So A Guy Walks Into A Bar…

One bouncer at a bar in the United States pulled a Mayweather sucker punch on a customer, who was acting a bit unruly towards the ladies. The unidentified man had decided that he wanted to have a handful of lady-bun during a late night party.

The man stood his ground and justified his actions because apparently it was just a “white girl”.

It turns out, the gigantic peace-keeping bouncer at the bar wasn’t a big fan of the drunken man’s ass-grabbing antics. So the bouncer opted to turn the lights out on the guy in the middle of a heated argument with the same punch that Mayweather used on Ortiz.

It is still unknown if the bouncer is a fan of Mayweather’s, or if he knows sucker punches are now a famous Mayweather move. In fact, he showed flashes of Mayweather brilliance in there. If you didn’t try hard enough, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

One punch was all it took to put a man to sleep. Good night!