WATCH: Madonna’s Bodyguard Challenges Bareknuckle Boxing Champion

Rapidly becoming a more widely accepted pursuit, bare knuckle boxing is gaining popularity. As combat sports in general become more mainstream, ‘BKB’ is experiencing a resurgence. Before the introduction of Queensbury rules, BKB is basically what boxing was.

Pugilism is never going to be a pretty sport, gloves or not, but there are levels that re more socially accepted. Adding commissions and stringent rules, and to some level the marketing of combat sports helps make it acceptable.

Arguably one of the biggest lures to bareknuckle boxing is the raw and unhindered nature of the sport.

The World Of BKB

Although BKB is far from being as popular as boxing or MMA, the underground pursuit has surfaced in recent years. Thanks to guys like world BKB champion Bobby Gunn and many others, popularity has risen in America.

Over in the UK, there are many well known BKB faces. During the 60’s and 70’s, the London underworld made celebrities of bareknuckle fighters. Roy Shaw and Lenny McLean are among the most well known. Looking at today’s crop, a few poignant British bruisers helping establish a UK BKB base.

Madonna’s former bodyguard, a towering man by the name of Stevan “Killer” Miller is among these fighters.

Photo by Matt Wright photography

Stevan Miller, Former Bodyguard To Madonna (Picture Left)

Much like Jay Z’s bodyguard, former minder to pop icon Madonna, Stevan Miller has been fighting in BKB. Miller’s opponent in his first ‘big name’ fight was none other than hard-as-nails champion Decca Heggie.

Here’s ‘The Machine’ Heggie taking on ‘The Bulldog’ at B-Bad Promotions ‘London Calling’ held at Dave Courtney’s house ‘Camelot.’

No Joke

Taking on a man with the skill of Heggie is not going to be easy, but Miller held his own. Although it was declared a draw, he certainly put in a respectable performance. Watch the fight video on the Youtube player below.

After this fight, we’ll take a look at how a UFC veteran did in the BKB ring.

How Would UFC Fighters Do?

Interestingly enough, this past weekend two UFC veterans fought in bareknuckle fights. Joe Riggs won in dominant fashion, but Cody McKenzie got absolutely destroyed in his BKB debut.

Watch both fight videos below: