WATCH: Shaolin Monk vs. Taekwondo Master

Although mixed martial arts is the ultimate test of combat, it hasn’t always been that way. Back in the day, martial artists would often test their styles in the streets. Even Bruce Lee, the Godfather of the UFC and modern martial arts would fight it out in the street.

Why though? What was to be gained? Before the growth of MMA, this was really the only way to find out who had the ‘superior’ art. It wasn’t until the teachings of people like Lee that we realised a mix of all styles was most efficient.


Be Like Water

Teachings of master such as Lee, the Gracie BJJ family, and many other modern gurus had lead to people disregarding the older styles. More traditional martial arts such as Karate and Kung Fu are far less popular in 2016.

Without these older arts, no MMA or UFC would even exist today. It’s with the teachings and fundamentals of traditional martial arts that all modern fighting is built on.


Shaolin vs. Taekwondo Video Below

Shaolin monks, although primarily known for their resistance to pain, are also highly disciplined martial artists. In the subject of today’s video, the monk in question displays excellent speed and footwork.

Facing a Taekwondo master from Morea, the Chinese monk has to overcome the rapid fire kicks of his opponent. Not only does the monk defend himself, he also lands the only real contact during their bout.

Here’s the video, remastered for your viewing pleasure.

Part 2 Follows Below

In the second part of the video, we see an amazing blinfolded spinning kick. The Shaolin monk tears up a strip of the carpet with his crazy stick work demo, and we also see some very awkward interviews.

You can watch the second part on the Youtube player below, thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out some of our content while you are here!


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