One of the world’s strongest men just issued a statement on his goal of becoming UFC heavyweight champion. It sounds far-fetched, but he is also an undefeated MMA fighter with a perfect KO ratio…

Back in the wild west days of mixed martial arts, it’s fair to say just about anybody could have a go. Even in the UFC, essentially the pioneers of early MMA, anyone with the nads to step up was given a shot.

Although the sport has moved on a lot since those days, there is still a fascination about athletes from other pursuits trying MMA. The same could be said for all combat sports. Just this year we saw Conor McGregor debut in boxing against Floyd Mayweather.

But with MMA, due to its long history and early years, there’s always been an ‘open to all challengers’ feel about it. Perhaps that classic Gracie challenge video of a bodybuilder fighting BJJ black belt Pedro Sauer sums up that notion best.

Alex Simon

It’s not often we say this, but here is a bodybuilder who might actually have a chance in the UFC. Unlike Mariusz Pudzianowski, another strongman MMA fighter, this guy has legitimate fast hands and footwork considering he weighs 380 pounds.

During a series of videos we found on the net, ‘The God’ pounds the heavy bag, knocks out four opponents in amateur MMA bouts and declares his mission to win the UFC heavyweight title within five years.

It’s fair to say this guy is very motivated.

Australia’s Strongest Man

So clearly he has some striking skills, but this guy’s weightlifting experience is highly impressive too. Check out some stats:

Weighed in at 176kg. 24 years old.

Currently coming equal second at Big Dogs 2 behind malan, with deadlifts to follow.

Set a new Australian record squat 435kg

Deadlift 382.5kg to finish equal 3rd with 1077.5kg.
He’s pulled 400kg in training.

Finally, Simon declares war on the UFC heavyweight division. Claiming he wants to win 265-pound gold within five years, ‘The God’ might want to start shedding off a few pounds to do so.

During the clip, Simon points to his already growing fight record, something most other crossovers never do in the amateur circuit.

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