While many of us dream of having a lavish lifestyle, the elite people out there are really enjoying every bit of it. It has been rightly said that money makes a huge difference! The elite class in our society has a world of their own, where everything is beyond extraordinary. Where the elite lifestyle seems sparkling but it also has its cons as all that glitters is not gold! This lifestyle has certain protocols that elite people need to follow in order to maintain their lifestyle. From fitness to dressing, outings to socializing, everything has to be done the right way!

Millionaires spend their time in various activities that tend to maintain their health, fame, status, and social life. Just like their lifestyle, their hobbies are also expensive!

Sports and Athletic Activities

Sport is a hobby for normal people but it is the part of daily routine in the elite class. They do not have ordinary sports activities like cricket, football, etc. Instead, they are into adventurous activities like Skiing, Polo, Golf, etc.


It is the most common hobby adopted by elite men. This adventurous activity has been loved by many renowned rich people of the world, a few names are Bruce Springsteen, Heston Blumenthal, Roman Abramovich, etc. Roman Abramovich has in fact reported making an attempt of buying an Eastern France resort of Courchevel.


Polo is surely a game of rich people! Well, it is a modified version of hockey. Polo is a sport that exhibits wealth and big bets are also placed over this game. Sport is also popular among the royal family. Popular stars like Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy were also seen playing Polo. This sport is getting transferred from generation to generation of elite men.


Owning a Golf track/race is a common practice among rich people. Sundays are golf days, and if the mood is not to play, going to a golf club is still mandatory. That’s the place, where Sundays’ breakfasts are done with people of social circle. The men gather there, play golf, some do jogging, and discuss business or hot news over breakfast!


The parties elite men go to aren’t like your regular parties. These parties are a class on their own. All the attendees belong to a similar class. And one thing that you’ll notice at these parties is every man has a woman wrapped around their arms. It could be their girlfriend, mistress, or an escort that they booked to attend the party with from a high-class escort agency.

Adventurous Activities are the Favorite Pass Time!

Where elite men want to do some engaging activity to pass their time, they also want to do something which becomes their flex and they can brag about it later on!

Elite men are always looking for adventure in their life. But, since they have got a lot of money, their adventures are planned considering the safety.


Although, elite men keep traveling often from country to country for business and fun purposes. But, that’s just become their routine and is not adventurous for them anymore. The adventure lies in being in the operating seat for them, and not in the passenger seat. Yes, they want to keep their heads in the clouds! They have their own private planes and helicopters in which they take flying lessons from the experts.

Car Racing

Elite people are crazy for adventures that are thrilling and fast-paced and so are car racing. Not only, they own expensive lustrous sports cars but they keep switching to the latest and fastest models. A fact to be spoken, bets are also placed upon this sport.

They say, many cannot buy happiness but it surely brings a lot of excitement and thrill. Renown Hollywood celebrities like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman were reported to own expensive classic cars.


If the weather seems good and the mood fits right, why not sail through the seas! When one owns super yachts and sailboats, it is not a problem at all to arrange the stuff in a minute.

Buying Exotic Pets

Elite Men have never been to public zoos to see a variety of animals, instead, they have been owning exotic pets. This seems extravagant but it is true. Not only, buying pets is their passion but they spend huge money on the housing and feed of their pets. Even if an elite man lives dog, his let dog would be of a superior breed. Many elite men have known to own animals like kangaroo, panda, dolphins, tigers, etc.

Buying Expensive Art Pieces

Whether elite men are creative and artistic or not, they do have a collection of expensive art pieces made by top artists of the world exhibited in their homes as well as in offices. This is the reason that elite men get a lot of invites for art exhibitions.

Owning Horses

Not a single horse, but there are many horses found in the stable owned by elite men. These horses belong to different races and are taken care of accordingly.


Gambling is a fairly common activity adopted by elite men. From casino gaming to sports betting, elite men passionately place big bets. Money is never their concern, they just want to win and stay superior. They are in fact trained for games like cards, poker, etc. where they are taught about the odds of winning and mindful strategies.

Club Nights and Dating

Elite men are seen in nightclubs where they perform multiple life activities as well as fun. From alcohol to dance, music to gambling, friends to girlfriends, nightclubs get to witness important events of their lives. It’s just that every aspect of elite men is based on money and glamour.

The dating life of elite men is also confined to status and wealth. But, their wealth has made it very easy for them to have girlfriends. Love may or may not be present but there is all the fun and charm!

When one has money, everything becomes possible. Money buys all the fun, thrill, and engaging activities which keep life going on!

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