There are thousands of street fights that have been caught on tape and posted on websites like Youtube and world star hip hop. Some feature two people who have no fighting experience at all and others show trained martial artists defending themselves in a real life situation. Here are 5 times when martial arts won in the street.

Spinning Taekwondo Knock Out

In our first video, a short 15 second clip shows a brutal spinning taekwondo kick that lands hard and knocks the opponent off of his feet. His head smacks the pavement and he ends up laying on his back, this is one of the most vicious knockouts ever, and one has to wonder is this man suffered brain damage from the trauma unleashed on his head.

YouTube video

BJJ in Basketball Fight

Our next clip starts out with a heated exchange between to young men at a gym basketball court. After trash talking for a minute, one of them throws a punch. The other pulls guard and transitions from triangle to armbar and then to a heel hook. He didn’t necessarily win, but he defended himself and avoided being injured after being sucker punched.

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