Cal Worsham

MMA pioneer Cal Worsham died on November 28th at the age of 55 due to a heart attack.

Worsham’s MMA debut came at UFC 6 in July of 1995 on just a weeks notice, and though he’d be KO’d by Paul Varalens, who was 10″ taller and 70lbs heavier than him, that didn’t put deter him from continuing on his MMA journey.

Instead, Worsham returned at UFC 9 later that year and TKO’d Zane Frazier, though he was TKO’d by Tank Abbott in his final visit to the UFC’s Octagon 12 months later.

Worsham would continue fighting for promotions like Gladiator Challenge and King Of The Cage for many years after that, going up against the likes of Dan Severn, Garry Goodridge and Travis Fulton along the way, before finally hanging up his gloves in 2012 with an overall 13-10 record.

A former marine and corrections officer, Worsham also worked behind the scenes in MMA as a co-promoter and matchmaker for Gladiator Challenge.

Worsham’s son Hunter Worsham followed in his father’s footsteps and currently holds an 8-3 record, notably fighting on the same card as his father at a Gladiator Challenge event in 2007, with both going on to win their bouts that night.