Popular UFC fighter Nick Diaz gives out an autograph to an eager fan, but she probably should have known better here. Modern parents….

Fan favorite slugger and former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz has gone through a pretty crappy 2015. Having been out of action since UFC 183, Diaz faced adversity in the form of a failed drug test for Marijuana.

Although the January loss to Anderson Silva was overturned when ‘The Spider’ popped for anabolic steroids, that was little compensation for the abominable hearing that Diaz received at his Nevada Athletic Commission hearing.

In front of the board of commissioners, Diaz and his lawyer presented a seemingly air tight case, only to be shot down in flames by the petty and (supposedly) corrupt and unjust NAC.


Not that it’s needed, but the above picture illustrates perfectly the outrage felt by fans after the commission banned Diaz for five years. With ‘The Spider’ and Jon Jones getting slaps on the wrist, the NAC began falling in to a pit of their own digging in the media.

That said, it seems Diaz is still in good spirits. With support coming from all over for the banned Stockton brawler, it looks like his years of sacrifice in the cage did in fact garner many more friends than anyone knew.

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