Brendan Allen made a remarkable performance at UFC Fight Night 232 after defeating Paul Craig via submission. Now, the victor stresses his right to be the No. 1 contender, saying he’s ready to fight anyone UFC puts in front of him.

The main middleweight bout of the event between Allen and Craig ended at the 0:38 mark of Round 3. Despite ending the fight with a submission in Round 3, both fighters showed excellent performance in the first two rounds, although Allen showed dominance by sending powerful strikes, which Craig countered with a clinch-fighting. At this moment of the first round, the two scrambled, with Allen attempting to submit the opponent. 

The second round started with punches that both sides managed to land effectively. Craig started the move for a takedown, but Allen managed to be on top and sent some elbow shots to Craig, resulting in his right eye slice.

In Round 3, things were not looking well for Craig, with Allen making a successful position on the opponent’s back and performing a deep rear-naked choke. Craig wasn’t able to escape the hold and call for a submission.

The victory, alongside his new six-fight winning streak, gave Allen the confidence to own the No. 1 contender position. In his post-fight interview, Allen made a brave statement to fight anyone the promotion company wants him to face, including Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier.

“I think I deserve it, I’ve earned it. I’ve beat everyone they put in front of me, I finished them. Whoever the UFC says that is, I don’t care who. Whittaker, Cannonier, ‘C*mshot,’ I don’t care,” Allen said. “I’m trying to fight, man. I’m the No. 1 contender. I’m the best in the world; I’m here to prove it. If you say otherwise, come show me, don’t tell me.”

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