Anthony Davis is finalizing his Laker Contract, Lebron extends

All-Star and runner up for Defensive Player of the Year, Anthony Davis is highly likely to be signing his 5-year maximum contract of $190M for the Lakers. Davis opted out of his contract after a successful championship run with the Lakers and renewed his contract to form a maximum five-year deal.

Anthony Davis might be next in line for the best player for the Lakers team, after Lebron. The Dynamic Duo style of play is one of the best in the sport. This might mean that the Lebron-Davis duo will be in for a long time for the Lakers.

It is also worth noting that Davis is signed with Klutch Sports who is led by Rich Paul. Lebron James is a close friend of Rich Paul so it may have helped him sign with the Lakers.

Many rumors were floating around that Davis was not signing his contract because the team is looking for another star player to join their team.

Giannis still has not yet signed as of this moment and James Harden also has been thinking whether to stay or change teams.

Lebron also extended his contract for 5 years and it will be his 20th season to end the contract.




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