Boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather is not only a tremendous fighter, but also a master promoter, and he proved just as much late this week in a viral video where has goaded a crowd into recording what he was about to announce.

Speaking in front of an audience, Mayweather took the stage with microphone in hand.

“I got something for everybody,” said Mayweather.

The pound-for-pound king then asked fans to bring their phones out and start recording. He said he wanted this on the internet as soon as possible.

Mayweather is not just a great boxer, but also a great promoter

“I want everybody to get your phone out. Record this. I want you to put this on the internet, ASAP,” said Mayweather.

“Ok so, when I finished Arturo Gatti, I went into his turf. He was the A-side, I was the B-side. I beat him, I didn’t cry, I didn’t complain. When I faced Oscar Dela Hoya, he was the A-side, I was the B-side, I didn’t cry, I didn’t complain. I beat him and I became the A-side.”

Mayweather has long been considered the most marketable star in boxing history. And he has the millions of dollars in earnings to prove it. Against Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in 2015, Mayweather made over $200-million in a single night and their bout shattered every financial record in the sport’s history.

He knows exactly how to get fans riled up

“For Conor McGregor, I’m coming out of retirement. Just to fight Conor McGregor. I don’t want no more excuses about the money, about the UFC. Sign the paper with the UFC, so you (McGregor) can fight me in June,” said Mayweather.

“Simple and plain. Let’s fight in June. You’re the B-Side. I’m the A-side. We’re not here to talk about money. I’m tired of all this crying about money and talk about you wanting to fight. You’re blowing smoke up everybody’s ass. If you want to fight, sign the paperwork. Let’s do it.”

Mic drop.

So there you have it folks. Floyd Mayweather seems intent on getting this fight made, and the ball is now in McGregor’s court.

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  1. McGregor will still find an excuse because Mayweather is right he’s been blowing smoke.

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