UFC middleweight fighter Brendan Allen is determined to boost his rank and get close to the division title. As such, after his victory at UFC Fight Night 232, “All In” now wants to enter UFC 300 next year and a fight that could give him the title shot.

Allen made a mark in the latest event of the promotion company after defeating Paul Craig via submission at the 0:38 mark of Round 3. The victory, alongside his new six-fight winning streak, gave Allen the confidence to own the No. 1 contender position. In his post-fight interview, Allen made a brave statement to fight anyone the promotion company wants him to face, including Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier.

“I think I deserve it, I’ve earned it. I’ve beat everyone they put in front of me, I finished them. Whoever the UFC says that is, I don’t care who. Whittaker, Cannonier, ‘C*mshot,’ I don’t care,” Allen said. “I’m trying to fight, man. I’m the No. 1 contender. I’m the best in the world; I’m here to prove it. If you say otherwise, come show me, don’t tell me.”

In his recent interview, Allen reiterated his determination to get a new fight, saying he just a name that could promise him the shot.

“Whoever Mick (Maynard), Hunter (Campbell), and Dana (White) say, that’s who we’re fighting,” Allen said. “Whoever they say, ‘When you win this, you’re guaranteed a title shot.’ That’s who I’m fighting. Name doesn’t matter. I’ve worked so hard to get here. I’ve sacrificed so much to get here in my personal life and every other part of my life.”

Allen believes he hasn’t “even hit my prime yet” and that “the best years, the best moments are still to come.” That being said, aside from his aspiration to get a title shot, the fighter shared aspirations of joining the UFC 300.

“Come April, hopefully around that time, hopefully, UFC 300 – I’m coming. I’m coming. 2024, and new (champion). I stand by that,” said the No.10-ranked middleweight fighter.

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