It looks like it wasn’t only ‘Mystic Mac’ who correctly predicted the outcome of UFC 194, martial arts legend and the godfather of MMA Bruce Lee had it spot on. This just keeps getting creepier…

Fans of UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor are still celebrating his historic win at UFC 194. This past weekend, December 12th, ‘The Notorious’ blasted Jose Aldo with a shocking 13-second finish in Las Vegas.


The man who can do no wrong, the newly unified champion of the UFC featherweights, Conor McGregor did it again. And he even acted out the whole fight backstage, as well as verbally predicting the fight’s finish in many interviews before the fact.

Creepy, right? It seems that McGregor is confident and proficient enough in his own skills that he can actually see how each fight will play out. This hasn’t stopped fans coming out with conspiracy theories online though.

It seems that when an event occurs that people can’t quite comprehend, their first port of call is to declare a fixed fight or cheating.


Although McGregor’s huge victory is already being picked apart by desperate fans on the internet, there’s one critic that called this fight perfectly, over 40 years before it even happened.

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