This loudmouth chose the wrong time to pick a fight in the street. He also most definitely picked the wrong guy…

Picking fights with random people has always been a gamble, but is even more so today with the widespread popularity of martial arts in general. Add to the the fact that MMA is a growing sport and becoming more commonly practised, being a bully is becoming like a game of Russian roulette.

We’ve seen some stunning videos in recent times of would-be fighters getting their sh*t wrecked when they mess with the wrong dude, but the subject of today’s article is particularly odd.

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This is professional mixed martial artist and UFC veteran Michael Bisping. When dressed in a suit or normal daily attire, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that he is a middleweight UFC fighter.

So what if, just by chance, you did pick a fight with someone like Bisping? Would you get a chance to back down? Most probably, and this is the case for the bully in the video on page 2.

(Skip to page 2 for the fight video)


The bully on page 2 doesn’t take the hint and, in fairness, was given many chances to leave, to simply walk away.

Skip to page 2 for the fight video that shows a bully getting taught a hard lesson….

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