After a jaw-dropping performance by Kamaru Usman against Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor is now accusing Usman of copying not only his trash talks but also his style of fighting.

Although there may have been somewhat similarities, it is still impressive for Usman to execute it against someone with great striking as Jorge Masvidal. In to the fight, many thought that Usman would use his wrestling more since standing with Masvidal will create bigger risk but Usman proved once more that his striking is on par with the best.

Usman responded with a shade that McGregor is past his old self hence not the same fighter that he used to be. When he won the belt against Eddie Alvarez, he showed flawless performance. McGregor is also probably trying to chip in just to keep his hype alive, though there is no doubt that McGregor is still the biggest star in the UFC.

McGregor is also indicating his plans for the year and that is to recapture the 155 belt and move up to 170 to become the first fighter to hold belts in three different divisions. If he wins the belt, it is very possible that the UFC will push McGregor’s desire for the fight just because he is the cash cow of the organization.

The biggest question is, will McGregor be able to beat someone like Kamaru Usman? Usman has similar style with Khabib but with better striking, though one could argue that Khabib has better ground game, mainly because he knows how to set traps and finds a way to stop his opponent on the ground.

All of these talks makes fans excited, but McGregor still needs to get past Dustin Poirier and possibly fight the winner of Charles Oliveira vs Michael Chandler. Though it may be not an easy task, it is still doable especially someone as good as McGregor.

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