Tony Ferguson is the current number one contender at lightweight, but with no belt in sight, he's growing frustrated...

Tony Ferguson just called out Conor McGregor for a potential fight. It is unfortunate that both fighters have not clashed, considering Ferguson won the interim title when McGregor decided not to defend his title and fight Mayweather.

It is actually the right time for the UFC to make this fight since both fighters were once top lightweights but right now both are in a losing slump. Ferguson is not as fast as he used to be and his reflexes are just not there anymore.

Ferguson was not also able to face Khabib Nurmagomedov due to either Khabib or Tony himself pulling out. Giving a veteran like Ferguson a massive payday is well deserved. Every time McGregor fights, the PPV sales will surely go up.

Conor McGregor also threw shade at Ferguson and knows some of Ferguson’s secrets as both had the same managers before until Ferguson decided to have a different manager.

As for McGregor, he needs a win badly if he ever wants people to watch him. There is no shame in losing to Poirier since many see Poirier as the best lightweight outside of Khabib. Poirier is also going in as the favorite against Charles Oliveira, so it speaks that the majority see Poirier as the uncrowned king.

In Khabib’s opinion, he already thinks that Ferguson is way past his best years as he is already 37 years old competing at a talent stacked division like the lightweights. His last three performances were pretty much one-sided and have not shown that he could learn new tricks.

It is still a great fight to make since the fans never got to see Ferguson fight a massive star like Conor McGregor. Ferguson is also a fan favorite and has a decent fanbase, despite on a losing streak.

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