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Cast your minds back to the year 2016, a much simpler time for MMA. Still massively in the limelight were UFC superstars Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Having fought already at UFC 196, the two were paired once again at UFC 202.

Against all odds, Diaz had upset the UFC’s posterboy on March 5th during their first showdown. After battering ‘The Notorious’ with a barrage of strikes, the Stockton bad boy locked on a tight rear naked choke for the tap.

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Diaz Won The Battle, But The War Had Just Begun

Soon after the first fight, the UFC was keen to get the rematch going. Also dying to ‘run it back’ was McGregor, who insisted going to 170 pounds again for the second bout. Leading up to August 20, the animosity was on display.

Perhaps the highlight of 2016, as far as outside the octagon, was the infamous water bottle fight at the UFC 202 presser. Just days before they fought, McGregor and Diaz went viral as they hurled cans of energy drink and water bottles at each other.

Huge Fine

Originally fined a whopping $150K for the infraction, McGregor’s case was heard by the Nevada State Athletic Commission again today. Going back they agreed this was perhaps too harsh, and have reduced the punishment.

According to Chamaktar, the fine is now $25K, with 25 hours community service:

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Considering the NAC is fining McGregor roughly $5K per bottle thrown, is this going a little too far? Remember that fighters have literally hit each other in the past, engaging in full blown fights at pressers.

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