Despite his loss at UFC 296, Colby Covington is still confident that he deserves the welterweight title.

Covington fought Leon Edwards last December for the title but lost. This became the third attempt failure of the American fighter to snatch the belt from a welterweight champ. Nonetheless, in his past interviews, “Chaos” refused to admit that he lost his last fight by initially blaming it on the “little ring rust” and later on his foot injury. Even UFC CEO Dana White described the fighter as “slow and old,” but Covington believes he’s still in his prime by stressing his value in the class weight.

“I am the title of this division. I’m the welterweight savior,” Covington told Submission Radio. “I’m the biggest draw in this division. There’s a reason everyone calls my name. Fights are easy to get and dunk on these nerds. I’m king of Miami, I’m America’s champ, the people’s champ, Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. I’m in a title fight every time I fight. Everybody knows that.”

In the end, Covington underscored that he still has his eyes on the title despite many doubting that he could still get another shot.

“To get back to that undisputed title, whoever is the biggest and best name that the UFC tells me I have to go through to get there, that is what I’m willing to do,” said Covington. “I want that title more than I want to breathe, more than I want to live. I’m in my prime. I’m 35 years young. I haven’t taken any damage in my career. Especially in that last fight, Leon didn’t leave a scratch on my face. There were a couple of tiny little bruises on my leg. Big f*cking deal. I landed double strikes as him.

“…I’m going to keep getting better, and I’m going to keep working hard. I’m not halfway in, halfway out. I’m fully in on this, and I want that welterweight title more than I want to live. Whatever it takes to get back there, I’m willing to do. The UFC knows that, so whoever they put in front of me, I promise you the chip on the shoulder of Colby is coming back, and he’s going to finish this and re-write all the wrongs of the past.”

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