Diego Sanchez REMOVES Joshua Fabia from his LIFE

Former UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez has announced on his Twitter that he is finally back. He has realized that his MMA coach, Joshua Fabia has been taking advantage of him since the very start. Many of the veteran fighters were telling Sanchez to get rid of his coach and went to as far as calling Fabia a “parasite”.

It is great that Diego Sanchez realized it despite many years of being together. Fabia was not really an MMA coach, when asked on his Martial Art credentials, he usually answers it with an irrelevant answer to the question. Sanchez also revealed that his OnlyFans content was all Fabia’s idea and ploy.

Sanchez’s career went downhill when he switched his camp to Fabia’s. Sanchez was the first The Ultimate Fighter winner and he showed great promise to be a future champion. Unfortunately, Sanchez fell short in his title shot against BJ Penn. One thing that Sanchez is great at is to entertain the fans, he is rarely in a boring fight during his prime. Sanchez’s style was he was willing to trade heavy shots, despite his chin up in the air.

Most fans agree that Dana White has a soft spot with the pioneers, it may have been the reason that Sanchez was given a lot of opportunity despite not being his best shape. It is a shame that Sanchez was simply taken advantage, but at least he realized it in the end.

Former referee, John McCarthy also gave his support to Diego Sanchez. McCarthy recently got into an accident with a tree that broke his ribs. It is great that both fighters still reach out despite having tragic incidents.

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