Well, if there’s ever a case of a cloud having a silver lining, it’s this one. Dude was a divorced, overweight and unemployed felon. Now he’s RIPPED and he can fight, bro….

Meet Keith Rocheville, the 38 year old man who’s story is taking the internet by storm. He was until recently a down-and-out unemployed man, struggling with his finances and a failed marriage in his native St Louis, Missouri.

His story has become a viral sensation, as he went public to tell of how his divorce motivated him to take up a healthy diet and MMA training.


Here’s Keith before his crazy transformation, an overweight, unemployed near-middle aged gent with a divorce and custody struggle ruining his life. With his two kids and ex-wife slowly slipping through his fingers, Rocheville had a tough choice to make.

Either he stayed plummeting to the bottom of the barrel, or he dusted himself off and did something no one believed he could.

keith rocheville
Another couple of pictures of Rocheville at the lowest point in his life..

Keith decided it was time to follow his dream of becoming a MMA fighter, as he told the Daily Mail Online just this past week, his life had become a nightmare:

“Trying to save the marriage and family I had, I used what little I made to pay our bills. We owned a really reasonably nice home, the only I had ever owned. Our marriage just couldn’t be saved, and I eventually fell so far behind in support the state charged me with a felony.”

“I was depressed, in the worst ways,” he recalls.

“I couldn’t leave the house. I basically stayed in a room all day, walked to the corner if I bummed $5 from my mom. I was 38. Pathetic.”

“I had been trying to call my kids and begging to speak to them, My attempts were fervent over the first year, but each time I tried and was [unable to speak to them] it ripped the wound open and I would fall apart more. I began to try less and less often.”

“I ended up coming back to St. Louis and I stayed with some people I had met,” he said.

“That’s when I started to train. I ran in the mornings and I ran at night. I would do push-ups and just body weight exercises at home twice a day, at least once at worst.”

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