Many times throughout the history of MMA has a fight been built up, anticipated and then ultimately taken from us.

UFC 200 is far from the only time a big time fight has gotten cancelled.  And while Jon Jones is looking at a possible 2 year suspension, we could still see Cormier vs. Jones II somewhere down the line.  If Jones is suspended however, Cormier would be 39 by the time they are able to fight again.

To qualify for this list a fight must have been scheduled or rumoured to be in the works but for whatever reason never happened.  We also chose to omit two trilogy bouts that we never got to see in Brock vs Mir III and Chuck vs Tito III.  Ultimately it was felt that neither of those fights were anticipated enough to make this list.

Of all the big fights we never got to see, here are the top 5…

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