USADA came along and changed the game of MMA in a big way. The official agreement between the anti-doping agency and the UFC came in to effect last year, and it’s been a roller coaster ride ever since.

Before we tackle the meat on the bone, ponder this rather interesting quote. UFC commentator Joe Rogan sat down with famed strength and conditioning trainer Louie Simmons this week. When the subject of drug testing came up, Simmons simply said “Its not against the rules to take steroids, its against the rules to get caught.”

UFC On FX Weigh-in

Prime TRTitor Belfort Was Lethal

From fighters who were known steroid/TRT users, like Vitor Belfort, to those that were highly suspected, we’ve seen massive change. This article is not for the purpose of accusation, more just to observe the shift that USADA has spurred.

Following the implementation of the stricter drug testing regime, we’ve also seen a massive drop in certain fighter’s records. We’ll take a look at all this and more in detail, as we check out the most recent Five pictures of UFC fighters before and after USADA drug testing…

vitor Vitor Belfort 2013/2015/2016

Back when Vitor Belfort faced Luke Rockhold in 2013, he was able to use the controversial TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Suddenly rekindling the form of his killer youth, ‘The Phenom’ was scoring knockout wins all over the place, also all in Brazil.

The middle picture shows when TRT was outlawed in the UFC. At this stage Belfort’s three-fight winning streak was snapped by Chris Weidman. ‘The All-American’ crushed the Brazilian with a first round TKO, but Belfort would bounce back with a KO win over the oldest current UFC fighter, Dan Henderson.

2016 Belfort got stopped by Ronaldo Jacare Souza, and in the far right picture ‘The Phenom’ weighed in for his fight with Gegard Mousasi at UFC 204 this week. What a difference a USADA makes.

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