Things have been relatively quiet at the UFC following Conor McGregor’s grueling decision victory over Nate Diaz at UFC 202. Nothing coming out of McGregor either who is most likely enjoying a little bit of a break after a tough scrap against Diaz.

Although many would seem to think that an immediate rematch against Diaz would be in order, given the way their first two fights went. It only makes sense that fans would want to see a third bout to decide the true winner of the best-of-three series.



Who’s Next?

That however is not a guarantee since UFC President Dana White shot down the idea of a rubber match immediately in the aftermath of UFC 202’s blockbuster main event.

Head coach John Kavanagh has expressed what he wants next for McGregor and that’s a shot at UFC lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez, but that’s all up to McGregor at this point.

Still, we can’t help but speculate. So we laid it down for you nice and easy.

Here are Five Opponents for Conor McGregor’s Next Fight…

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