Brasil, São Paulo, SP, 05/03/2012. O atual campeão mundial peso médio do Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), o brasileiro Anderson Silva, concede entrevista coletiva para promover o documentário

1. Anderson Silva is 41 Years Old

As much as Anderson Silva is a beloved (though sometimes hated) fighter, one who is quite possibly the greatest UFC champion of all time, he’s getting pretty old.

Anderson Silva turned 41 years old in April.  Nowadays, especially with the new USADA testing, it is pretty difficult for a fighter to be competitive past 40.  Despite what Randy Couture may or may not have proved a decade ago, or what Scott Coker wants you to believe now, MMA is not a sport for the middle aged.

When fighters get older they are slower and have weaker chins, meaning every fight we see Anderson Silva in now he will be a little bit slower and a little bit weaker than he was before.

Cormier will grind Silva down and end it in the 3rd.

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