2. This is the best Mark Hunt there has been

If you watch Mark Hunt back in the Pride days he’s not in very good shape.  While Hunt has always been a little jiggly around the waist, his stomach was absolutely out of control when he was younger.  In his later years it appears as though Hunt’s conditioning and diet have improved greatly, and as a result so has his win/loss record.

Since 2011 Mark Hunt has only lost 3 times, and each of those losses was to a former or current UFC heavyweight champion.  Only Fabricio Werdum, Stipe Miocic, and Junior Dos Santos have been able to get in the win column against him, and those are 3 guys infinitely better than Lesnar.  During that same time period Hunt has defeated “Big Foot” Silva, Stephan Struve, Roy Nelson, Ben Rothwell, Frank Mir and more.


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