My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend? Mayweather Blasts McGregor on Twitter Before Diaz Joins In…

They’re at it again. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been going at each other on Facebook. The two men have become regular sparring partners on social media, exercising their thumbs more than their bodies since they fought last August.

Mayweather and McGregor famously earned a cool $100 million dollars each after their boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, selling the second most pay-per-views ever. Now though Mayweather is officially retired. The status of McGregor is more unclear as he still holds the UFC lightweight title, but has yet to defend the belt.

Another player has also entered the game. Nate Diaz has come back into the fold after a long hiatus. He hasn’t fought since losing to McGregor in the second of two fights between the pair so far. It’s widely expected that they will meet again to complete the trilogy. However, recent talk has been focused on Mayweather possibly fighting McGregor under MMA rules.

As it Stands

Since announcing on Instagram that he is “sick of sitting around”, Diaz has been training hard in his hometown of Stockton, California. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has been doing his utmost to get a fight against the younger Diaz, seeing him as the gateway to even bigger fights, with Georges St. Pierre and McGregor potential targets.

Diaz is flirting with Woodley, but he’s aware that the most lucrative option will be to take on McGregor and complete their trilogy. So in the meantime, he’s doing his best to remind the Irishman that he exists. However, McGregor has his eyes on a bigger prize too. An MMA fight against Mayweather would bring in massive revenue and both men know it.

Social Media Exchange

Naturally, the best way to prove your masculinity these days is to trash talk your rivals online. It all started on Twitter when Mayweather posted a photoshopped image of him wearing MMA gloves, appearing to elbow a bloodied McGregor in the face as can be seen above. He wrote:

Certified Killa vs Certified Bitch

Of course, McGregor had to reply, as he does his best to entice Mayweather into the octagon. He put up an image of him elbowing Diaz with the caption:

A real elbow in a real fight

Diaz Response

Neither of the Diaz brothers is known for being soft touches. So it was no surprise when Diaz responded on his preferred medium of Instagram. He posted a photo from the first fight against McGregor, which he won by submission, writing:

Real kill in real war…

How about we just put the three of them in a cage together, lock the gate and last man standing gets to leave? That would be worth paying the UFC’s increased pay-per-view package cost of $65. Put Mario Yamasaki in the middle as the referee and you’ll be guaranteed some action!

In all seriousness, you do get the feeling that Mayweather is just sitting in an armchair at his strip club, slippers on his feet, entertaining himself every now and then by trolling the entire combat sports world.

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