Jon Jones is seriously pissed with the UFC, and former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre blames Dana White for everything…..

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones faced adversity this year, and the chain of events that led to him being stripped of the title have been a hot topic. A failed drug test for cocaine, and a serious hit and run incident in New Mexico, among other frat boy type antics, saw ‘Bones’ fighting for his freedom for a while.

Eventually striking a deal for non-felony charges, Jones got a mandatory fine and sentenced to community service. Some say this wasn’t harsh enough, others are just happy in the knowledge that the ex-champ and consensus greatest current fighter will be back in action soon.

For all his nutty behaviour, there were other factors involved. As you’ll find out later on in the article, Jones has a serious grudge with the UFC.

UFC 178: Jones v Cormier - Ultimate Media Day

So how does Georges St-Pierre come in to this equation? Well, you may remember the Canadian superstar vacated the title he’d held for many years back in 2013, citing the lack of drug testing in the sport as his main reason.

Mixed martial arts fans will be interested to read that GSP has now changed his tune, and is singing a very different song about the UFC and Dana White.

Check out the duo of controversial interviews on page 2….

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