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One of the first things that people notice when they are walking up to a home is the windows. Windows play a huge part in not only how a home looks from the exterior, but how it feels from the interior. If someone wants to increase the natural light in a certain area of their home, they can install a window in that area to do so. Window installation in Brampton is something that will have your home looking brighter whenever you walk inside it.

Old and worn windows can have a tremendously negative impact on your mode, and especially in winter when it’s cold out every day. No one wants to get home from work to a cold and drafty home. Getting your windows replaced is one of the most effective ways to boost the degree of climate control that you have inside your home.

Many people like to replace their windows in order to boost the appearance of their homes. Installing a bay or a bow window is something that can have your home making a bold statement for itself. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and many people like to get creative with their windows so that their home will look just the way they have envisioned it to.

There are all sorts of different ways to how people use their windows in specific ways to make them stand out. Some people like to add decorative touches to their windows such as paint or iron.

How Can I Make My Home Stand Out With My Windows?

If you’re considering window installation in Brampton, one way to make your home stand out just a little more than the rest is by installing large windows. Large windows are a great way to increase the character of your home while also boosting the amount of natural light that flows into it. You’ll reap the benefits of more sunlight, and that extra vitamin D from the sun will have your mood increased much more in comparison to the cold and dark house that smaller windows sometimes might cause.

With increased sunlight in your home, you’ll also have decreased energy bills from month to month. Big windows are good at making certain areas of a home look much more spacious. You’ll also find yourself having to use less artificial lighting because you’ll be getting so much more natural light in your home from the large windows.

Large windows tend to look exceptional in large homes that have very high ceilings. Consider getting customized windows for your home so that it’ll stand out and be just a little more unique. When you’re thinking about window installation in Brampton, you’ll also want to keep the design of your house in mind. Bay and bow windows tend to look good in Victorian-style homes, while single and double-hung windows are common in modern homes.

Exterior Views

Getting new windows in your home is a great way at creating a perfect view of the outdoors. If you love to enjoy the sunset every night but your tiny window in your living room just isn’t doing it for you anymore, why not get some new, large windows installed instead? A lot of people also use picture windows in certain areas of their home that overlook areas of their yard that they particularly enjoy.

Placement Of Your Windows

The placement of your windows is almost just as important as the type of windows you’re purchasing. Sometimes people also combine a bunch of windows to create an entire wall of windows in certain rooms of their homes. Improperly placed windows can sometimes become frustrating, so you’ll want to carefully consider where you’re going to be installing them. Installing a huge window in the entertainment room is typically not a very wise idea. In the same way, getting a window with no privacy features might not be a smart decision to install in the bathroom, either.

On the other hand, installing a circular window near the landing of the staircase can be a hugely effective way of drawing in more natural light to an otherwise dark area of the home. You might also consider installing a winder in a dark corner of your home where you have two intersecting facing each other.

Windows can be effectively utilized to create an ambiance in your home that will have your mood boosted and relieved.

Window Shapes

Getting a little creative with the shapes of your windows is another good way to have your home making a statement. Consider walking off the beaten path and getting a window that isn’t your standard rectangle shape. By doing this, anyone that has the pleasure of walking past your home will surely make a comment on it.

You don’t need to do something too out of the ordinary. A simple circular shaped window placed in a particular area of your home can go a long way. Some other shapes you might want to consider are:

  • Ovals
  • Semi-circles
  • Polygons
  • Triangles


Frosted glass windows can be an effective way to increase the privacy of a certain room in your home while still being able to enjoy the natural light that the window allows. You can also get patterns like:

  • Spirals
  • Honeycombs
  • Abstract lines
  • Silhouettes

If you want, you can also just get partial privacy for specific windows in your home. If you’re wanting to install a big window in the bathroom, you can get a part of the glass with frosted accents while still enjoying the view and light from the outdoors.

For those wanting to get a little more creative, you can add some color to your window by utilizing stained glass.

If you’re wanting to replace your old windows, it’s normal if dozens of questions are popping up in your head. To get some of those questions answered, contact HTR Windows & Doors today. They are a highly reputable window contractor with a good reputation for window installation in Brampton.

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