Iconic UFC Cage Announcer Bruce Buffer is Now Available as a Playable Character in EA’s UFC 3 Videogame… Here’s How You Can Become the Legend…

The UFC 3 video game has expanded again to include yet another UFC personality who isn’t a fighter. UFC president Dana White broke the internet when he announced that he would be available to use as a playable character. Now EA is back at it again.

UFC cage announcer Bruce Buffer is now available to use as a playable character in the popular video game, available on XBox One and PS4. Famous for his iconic introduction, “It’s TIME”, and his incredible suits, the veteran personality will no doubt be a popular addition.

Buffer is a fascinating individual. As well as working for the UFC and being paid to travel the world, the announcer is also a professional poker player. His famous voice has led to him making appearances as himself in numerous tv shows and films. The man is a legend.

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Breaking News

Buffer is available as a hidden playable character, so casual fans might never even realize he’s in the game. Here’s how you can play as the man with the shiniest suits in the game. Sorry, Conor McGregor.

  1. Enter ‘Tournament Mode’.
  2. Name your tournament ‘Bruce Buffer’.
  3. Create an 8 or 16-man middleweight tournament with strict weight classes.
  4. Fill the tournament bracket with any fighters
  5. Press start and Buffer will replace one of the selected fighters.
  6. Win the tournament with Buffer to unlock his playable character for every mode.
  7. It’s that simple.

Bigger Problem

While it’s great fun to get to play as the likes of Dana White and Buffer, it does point to a bigger problem the UFC has in general. Take a look at the cover art of the video game. Who is in front? Of course, it’s Conor McGregor.

The UFC is in dire need of more star power amongst its fighters. UFC 224 is on next weekend but you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes even exists. The promotion for the event has been horrific.

It needs to be sorted out big time or attention spans and viewing figures are going to suffer even further. To be fair, they are trying to push a number of fighters including Sean O’Malley and Israel Adesanya, while they also have some very big cards lined up. However, the core problem still remains.

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Decent Stats

At least Buffer has decent stats. They’re not quite as good as Dana White’s frankly ludicrous levels, but worth considering all the same. The cage announcer is a real-life Tang Soo Do black belt. The Korean martial art is well known for its kicking techniques. He also has experience in ju-jitsu.

Joe Rogan was made available in the previous edition. Who is next? Jon Anik? Megan Olivi? How about the ring girls? It’s impossible to second guess where this game is going next. However, if they really want to troll fans and break the internet EA should strike a deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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