A Blockbuster deal just happened as James Harden is officially going to the Brooklyn Nets. There were reports even before the NBA restart, that James Harden wants to be traded. Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers were the front-runners to acquire James Harden.

Even though they are yet to play a single game together, the Nets are likely the favorite coming out of the East. They now consist of three superstar caliber players but the question is will they have good chemistry. The three stars have a play style that needs the ball in their hands to perform better. Prior to the trade, Brooklyn was among the favorites to win east as well but to add an offensive juggernaut to the team would open a bigger favor.

The Brooklyn Nets gave an all-in bet as they sacrificed a lot of their picks and players just to acquire James Harden. If they don’t win a chip, that means they lose the trade basically. All three superstars are making more or less $40 Million per year, it would be interesting how the Nets would handle the salary cap.

They sacrificed a lot of their future players and potential stars to make the superteam. Some rumors say that the reason Brooklyn Nets pushed to get James Harden was because of Kyrie Irving’s unpredictable issues.

It is kinda ironic that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant wanted to prove that they can win a championship not riding on someone’s shadow but got another MVP candidate for their team. It would be interesting how the team plays out, as the talent is clearly there but the chemistry is still unknown.

Although they are having issues with Kyrie Irving who has not played a few games due to personal reasons. His location is unknown at the moment since the team themselves cannot understand the situation.

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