The NBA is investigating whether with regards to Jerry West recruiting Kawhi Leonard. There is a rule in the NBA that does not allow tampering of players to join their team. A lot of teams have experienced a heavy fine trying to tamper star players.

Jerry West is a former Laker Legend and the official logo for the NBA. West is a highly respected Hall of Famer but due to the scandal, his reputation may be in jeopardy.  He is also famous for taking up Shaq and other big players to lead the team in a championship.

The allegation involved Jerry West not paying the person the amount agreed upon when he helped get Kawhi to the Clippers. A superstar that just on the finals MVP was a hard fish to get, but he eventually went to the LA Clippers.

There was even an audio leak that sounded a lot like Jerry West. As per the quote West said, “I do want to get together you with privately and take you to dinner so I can pay my respects to you for being so generous and helpful.”

West even called the Lakers a sh!tshow which is disrespectful considering it was the team that built West and most of his legacy was created. Jerry West was also a Laker Champion.


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