While the madness of last week’s three-event week was truly historic, a number of very low points also emerged. Outside of the fact UFC 200 was somewhat of a bust in the eyes of the paying fans, the man who was originally meant to be in the main event caused a big stir.

Of course we are talking about interim light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The former undisputed champ of the division, in many fan’s minds possibly the greatest fighter of all time, was taken off the card on just three days notice.


USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) had revealed ‘Bones’ failed a drug test dating back to June 16. He was scratched from the biggest event of all time, and once again cast in to a world of trouble.

Addressing the media just 13 hours later during a press conference, Jones appeared visibly moved. Brought to tears on multiple occasions, the interim champion claimed he’d ‘never heard’ of the substances he tested positive for.


But not once were these substances actually revealed. Was it bad enough that both USADA and Jones’ team were hoping to avoid at all costs? Obviously there’s no good reason to fail a drug test, but from past experience we know some things are far worse than others.

Then came last night, and who else but UFC color commentator Joe Rogan would be there to find out EXACTLY why ‘Bones’ tested positive. Not only that, Rogan found out about Jones hiding from USADA in a crazy story.

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