This is the Beef That Keeps on Giving… Jon Jones is Angling for a Trilogy Fight With Daniel Cormier at Heavyweight, and He’s Been Slamming the Double Champion on Twitter…

Will there ever be a more toxic rivalry in MMA? It’s very rare that we get two fighters who actually despise each other. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier make no secret of the fact that they intensely dislike and resent the other man. After two meetings, it seems like a trilogy fight might actually be on the cards.

The pair has fought twice in the past. They first met at UFC 182, back in 2015. Jones would win by unanimous decision, defending the light-heavyweight championship. However, he would be stripped – one of three times that this has happened to him – after violating the UFC code of conduct policy.

They would meet again at UFC 214 and this time Jones kicked Cormier unconscious. However, he was stripped and DC reinstated as champion after ‘Bones’ tested positive for turinabol. Now Jones wants to fight the double champion once more and put this rivalry to rest.


Jones is on the comeback trail and is set to fight Alexander Gustafsson for the light-heavyweight title. It’s another rematch with a former foe. He fought the Swede in a close decision victory, widely regarded as one of the greatest clashes in the history of the division. Infamously, he didn’t even train properly for the bout. Despite having ‘The Mauler’ on the horizon, he’s still taking time to target Cormier, tweeting:

“Pinch of salt, no pinch of salt. You still had steroids in your system in a fist fight,” Cormier stated. “Not cool.” Daddys baby still out there whining, What proud “double Champion” just vacates his belt because someone else returns to the sport?”


Jones is demanding that ‘DC’ fights him one last time. He seems to think that he’s in a position to make demands, which clearly isn’t the case. Cormier is expected to retire after his next fight with either Brock Lesnar or Jon Jones likely to be his next opponent. Whatever happens, it will be on his terms. Nevertheless, Jones tweeted:

“Fight me one more time and prove you’re actually the champ champ. I’ll donate $100,000 to a charity in San Diego if you accept. Conor McGregor was an actual double Champ, the whole world knows your claim is a freaking joke. You’re more than welcome to be my first title defense.”

Jon Jones fights Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports.

What’s Going to Happen?

Watch this space. Despite that really stupid WWE style showdown between Cormier and Lesnar after ‘DC’ became heavyweight champion, all talks of that fight have gone quiet. Lesnar has also been reinstated as WWE Universal Champion, after Roman Reigns’ tragic health issues.

The big question is this: why would ‘DC’ accept a fight at light-heavyweight? First of all, Jones has to win the belt – the strap that the UFC are stripping from Cormier, not because the Louisiana native wants to lose it. If this fight happens, it has to be at heavyweight. This is how you get the fans excited because there would be an entirely new dimension.

We’ve seen how excellent Cormier looks without cutting weight, and it would add a new unknown quantity to their potential clash. It also would give Jones a shot at being a double champion himself – if he can get past ‘Alex the Mauler’ at UFC 232 first. Gustafsson is an elite fighter in his own right. Jones needs to be very careful…

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