Jon Jones v Francis Ngannou is gaining momentum. The pair have sniped back and forth on social media with fan interest increasing. The former is the greatest light-heavyweight of all-time. Jones is often linked with a move up to heavyweight but so far he hasn’t made that step.

Meanwhile, Ngannou is the most terrifying power puncher on the roster. Furthermore, he has a very underrated chin. However, big questions remain about his ground game and ability to defend the takedown. This would be a fascinating match-up.

Jones seems to want this fight because he continues to bring the heat online. Check out his latest response below.


Jones seems real in his callout of Ngannou. He’s going after the big man online which is either really brave or really stupid? Would he be able to outwrestle the big man or would he get knocked out too? Jones tweeted:

“First you can save the rest of your tongue pictures for your other homies and yes I’m right here, just waking up from watching that Derek Lewis fight again. You ain’t scaring nobody, I saw your heart. You’re a big old mouse, I’ll expose you.”

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Daniel Cormier has nothing but respect for Jones if he takes this fight. While he still doesn’t like the man, he does appreciate the balls it takes to call out Ngannou. He told Ariel Helwani:

“I will insult Jones on any day of the week, but I will also give him credit where credit is due, and I truly believe that this Francis Ngannou thing is one of the most gangster things in the world. 

“Why would you be afraid of anyone, especially if you’re a guy that has the accomplishments of Jon Jones? Why? That’s the thing I don’t get when people say me or Jon Jones, that we’re afraid of somebody. It’s the most asinine thing in the world. I think that this Jones thing is cool. He’s like, ‘OK, you want to fight? Let’s do it.’ That’s what any person in the world, a true fighter, would do, and I think, hats off to Jones.”

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Anything’s Possible

However, Dana White is refusing to commit to the idea of a fight between Jones and Ngannou. In sum, he says that while they say they want to fight, the reality is often very different. However, this is a potential match-up that is definitely gathering pace. It would not be a massive shock to see it happen now. White told Jim Rome:

“Anything’s possible. I don’t know if those guys really want that fight. You know what I mean? Let me tell you this. And I’m not saying this is the case with these two. You see a lot of talk online and whatever it might be. But actually making fights is a whole other ball game.”

If they want to make a fight that gets fans excited then this is the one. Arguably, as a pure match-up, there are none more compelling than this one for Jones. Sure, a title fight against Stipe Miocic would be bigger for his legacy, but this is the clash that would be most interesting in isolation.

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