Former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine, known previously as Jon Koppenhaver, has been found guilty on 29 counts and now faces the possibility of life imprisonment, it was recently revealed. Charges included sexual assault, coercion, and kidnapping.

Out of a total of 34 charges, jurors only found Koppenhaver not guilty on five counts. After two days of deliberation and a deadlock, the jury also did not find Koppenhaver guilty on two attempted murder charges.

Koppenhaver’s violent tendencies ended up propelling him to his downfall when his relationship with ex-girlfriend, pornstar Christy Mack, took a violent and bloody turn in 2014. After finding Mack in bed with another man, Koppenhaver beat her half to death. The man, Corey Thomas, also sustained serious injuries.

War Machine is guilty on 29 counts

Mack was taken to the hospital and was found to have suffered from 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and a ruptured liver, among others. Following the incident, Koppenhaver went into hiding until authorities found him in southern California.

He has been in prison ever since.

Koppenhaver also allegedly tried to commit suicide in his cell upon being incarcerated. A corrections officer found Koppenhaver on the floor motionless. Struggling to breathe with a torn piece of cloth around his neck. After medics were able to save his life, Koppenhaver was placed on suicide watch.

Sentencing has yet to commence

It’s a disheartening tale, one that should serve as a lesson for those who are dealing with anger management issues. Koppenhaver could have had a great MMA career and really built a life for himself. Instead, he ran into trouble and trouble got the best of him.

Koppenhaver’s last time in the MMA cage was at Bellator 104, when he lost to Ron Keslar by rear-naked choke. Sadly, that would probably end up being the last time Koppenhaver ever competes in MMA.

He was a fighter on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs Team Serra as a member of Team Serra. His most notable victories came against Roger Huerta in 2011 and Vaughn Anderson in 2013.

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