With Kevin Durant’s return in his team Brooklyn, he looked to be in his best shape. He played as if there were no injuries prior to the game. There were a lot of speculations that Durant will not be the same player he was when he won the NBA Championship with the Warriors.

Many even thought that had he not gotten injured the Golden State Warriors would have had a 3-peat. The Golden State with Kevin Durant looked like an invincible team that could even be argued as the greatest team in the NBA has ever seen. They composed of 4 all-star players, with 2 of them former MVPs.

After suffering his injury in Game 6, Durant’s run with the Warriors came to an end. He signed with the Brooklyn Nets, together with his good friend and also all-star Kyrie Irving. Though both players had to sit out their first season as they had to recover from their injuries.

The rumors were that Durant initially wanted to join the New York Knicks but the team was not willing to offer a maximum contract for the Superstar, so he opted to the Nets who were willing to risk.

Luckily, it looks like the Brooklyn Nets made the right choice since they are now easily top contenders to win the NBA Championship. Their first two games were against strong teams where they beat them easily. The Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics were outmatched in their first game.

Kevin Durant’s offense looked sharp and his jump shots were looking to be effortless. Some young stars and rookies have picked Durant over Lebron as the best player in the NBA, but the argument is opinion based mostly.

Many criticize Durant for leaving the OKC to join the 72-9 Golden State Warriors. The OKC prior had a 3-1 lead against the GSW but choked in the last few games. So it was not a good image for Durant to join the team that beat him considering how good the OKC and GSW were.

Now Kevin Durant has a chance to prove to everyone that he can bring a chip on Brooklyn. Many think that if Durant wins a ring in Brooklyn, most of the haters and doubters will respect Durant since Brooklyn was not a strong team, to begin with.

The Brooklyn Nets are now to favorite in the Eastern Conference, and most are looking forward to the Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angels Lakers Match-up.


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