WATCH: Kung Fu Expert Tries to Get Revenge Against MMA Fighter

By Atilano Diaz

Just last week, a Chinese MMA fighter was seen laying the smack down on a Tai Chi master. In what was supposed to be an even match, the MMA fighter proved to be too much for the traditional martial artist.

The MMA fighter needed only 10 seconds to take care of the Tai Chi master, and it wasn’t pretty. The video immediately went viral on social media.

MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong Became an Overnight Sensation

The close-knit martial arts community had mixed reactions. Some knew all too well that MMA was the real deal and that it would be tough to beat a real fighter. Others still believed in fairy tales and believed that traditional martial artists still ruled the land. As a result of his overnight popularity however, the MMA fighter now has many new challenges from other martial artists.

It is learned that the MMA fighter’s name is actually Xu Xiaodong. He is now the hottest topic in China. The Tai Chi master he beat was Wei Lei and the viral fight video took place in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The much-watched fight put to rest the heated debate on which style was more effective. Was it MMA or traditional martial arts? Some believe the argument has only just begun.

He put a 10-second beatdown on a Tai Chi master last week

It is also recently discovered that other martial artists have now issued challenges to Xu.

“I will surely accept the challenge,” Xu said on his Weibo account.

“He is deeply biased against the traditional martial arts and his words were insulting. I challenged him so he could have a fresh perspective of tai chi and the true traditional martial arts,” said Lu.

Two more Tai Chi masters, Lu Xing and Wang Zhanhai have issued challenges. Lu has already invited Xu for a public duel and vowed to “teach him a lesson”.

Guangzhou native and Chinese boxing specialist Shangxian who practices Shaolin Meihua Zhuang also expressed interest. Yi Long, a Chinese monk known for his martial arts skill has also made his intentions known.

So you see, Xu has no shortage of willing challengers after experiencing instant internet notoriety. MMA of course, is known as a modern form of combat, encompassing various fighting disciplines. There have been many street fights involving MMA trained fighters going up against traditionally trained martial artists. Almost all of them have ended up in favor of MMA fighters.

Now more “martial arts masters” want a piece of him

To be fair, Xu said that he is also a fan of traditional Chinese martial arts. However, he stressed that he thought they were “all about form but not practical”. Tai Chi of course “could not be compared to real combat tactics”.

What do you guys think about that? Although Xu has no professional MMA experience, he is clearly making a name for himself in the fight scene. Too bad all he is beating up nowadays are old martial arts “masters” who couldn’t hold a candle to real fighters.

To look at things at a different perspective however, it could be just a matter of time before Xu runs into a real martial artist that actually has a fighting chance.