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Apart from football; Boxing and Martial arts are the next most popular sports in the Philippines. The two sports are almost like a national culture in the country. Even the world has come to appreciate the Filipino martial arts, talk of Arnis, an official national sport that has been hailed for its innovation, with different countries adopting it as part of the specialized military training.

You cannot talk of boxing and MMA and fail to mention combat sports legends like Manny Pacquiao, a person who has made his name in the arena. And by the way, news has it that he is a serious contender in the presidential race in the Philippines; we wish him all the best. If you read through the articles at Mightytips – online betting predictions portal, you will learn a lot about how the Filipinos have been shinning as the best MMA fighters in the world.

In this article Evelyn Balyton and other Mightytips- online betting experts take you through the MMA online betting sites in the Philippines. For more information about Evelyn Balyton and other online betting experts and sports enthusiasts from Mightytips, click here.

The legality of MMA online betting sites Philippines

One question that pops up when we talk about the MMA betting site in the Philippines is whether MMA wagering is legal in the country. In an attempt to answer this question, Mightytips- online betting experts categorically state that there is no outright law that allows MMA betting, and on the same note, none prohibits it. MMA and Boxing betting are part of online sports gaming. Online sports betting is legal in the Philippines.

A case in 2012 ruled that there are no laws in the Philippines that prohibit online betting. It was followed by a presidential declaration of the legality of online sports betting in the country. With this, we can state that MMA online bets in the Philippines are allowed and bettors interested in finding the best betting sites in the Philippines can find a comprehensive list at the Mightytips-online betting section.

Best MMA sites

Having touched on the legality of MMA and boxing online betting, it will be unfair if we do not also talk about the best betting sites Philippines where punters can place bids for the best MMA fighters. Relying on an independent review that has been carried out on the betting sites that offer MMA in the Philippines the following are the best bookmakers that punters can patronize:

  • Bet Online
  • My Bookies
  • Sports Betting
  • X Bet

Bet Online

Bet Online offers a variety of online sports betting including MMA and Boxing. The bookmaker has been in business since 1991 and they have been consistently ranked as a top online sportsbook.

Punters will be happy to know that their MMA legend was once the driver of the game in the sportsbook that has been recognized in the betting industry. The promotions and bonuses that are offered here including in MMA betting are some of the attractions in the industry.

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The Philippines punters who are considering betting for or against an MMA legend will be happy to note that this is one of the licensed offshore bookmakers. It is hailed for its safety, great odds, and a wide variety of markets. As one of the best online betting sites the Philippines, the bookmaker offers the following bet types: Parlay, strait, teaser, if bets, Future, Action reverse among others. When it comes to bonuses and promotions punters get the following offers

  • Fifty percent Welcome bonus
  • Twenty-five percent lifetime reload bonus
  • Twenty-five percent risk-free propr bet bonus
  • Live betting free play
  • Mobile bet free play

As a punter, you are advised on familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions that apply so that you can be in tune with the requirements.


Though it is one of the new sportsbooks, having launched its activities only seven years ago, MyBookie has grown to be one of the favorite MMA betting sites in the Philippines. It is known for providing numerous odds and lines in several markets including horse racing, basketball, politics, boxing, MMA, racing, current events among other areas.

It has a limit of $ 1000 making it one of the lower-end platforms which can be recommended for the punters in the Philippines. The lower limits are put in place as a consideration of the casual bettors, people who are into MMA betting just for the action. If you are into betting for the big perks, you may not find this bookmaker ideal. You can rely on the Mightytips- online betting section to get sportsbooks that offer higher limits.


SportsBetting is another bookmaker that punters in the Philippines will find ideas when wagering on their MMA legends. The bookmaker is highly rated in the following areas: Reputation, promotions and bonuses, payout speed, customer services, markets, and odds and security.


Xbet is not just known for football bets, MMA and boxing betting enthusiasts can take advantage of the more than one thousand offers that are available at this bookmaker. Its promotions and bonuses are handsome not forgetting the seamless experience that punters in the Philippines will get when they patronize the betting site.

These are just a few of the betting sites that punters in the Philippines can patronize when looking to place a bet on the best MMA fighters.

If you want to know more about these and other bookmakers that offer the best MMA fighting bets, frequent the Mightytips- Online betting section and you will be amazed at how the analysis and reviews are carried out. The site has gained fame as one of the most trusted sources of online betting predictions, tips, and other related information.

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