An End of an ERA to probably the only 8 division boxing champion we get to ever see in our lifetime. Manny Pacquiao made the right decision to hang it up for good, he is already 42 years old and well past his prime. He has nothing to prove as he has achieved the pinnacle of the sport, and has proven doubters wrong numerous times. He recently posted a farewell video on the sport of boxing.

As many say Pacquiao may not have retired undefeated but he has a case as being the best pound-for-pound boxer of all time. No other boxer has done what he has achieved, which is winning major belts across 8 divisions. He has fought many bigger guys and they say that size does play a factor in a fight, that is why we have weight divisions. It is just that Pacquiao jumped across numerous divisions to seek challenges and break records.

It is hard to give out what was Pacquiao’s best win mainly because he has so many great wins. He has beaten so many legends like De La Hoya, Mosley, Cotto, Marquez, and many more that it is hard to give out what was his biggest accomplishment. When asked who was his boxing idol, he said it was De La Hoya to which he later defeated.

In terms of his losses, there were times that he also avenged it like when he lost to Morales, he later came back to avenge it beat Morales twice. To the controversial decision loss against Timothy Bradley, he then went on to beat Bradley twice as well. Pacquiao wanted to rematch Mayweather as well, sadly it did not happen.

He also defied Father time by beating an undefeated Keith Thurman to become a boxing world champion at 40 years old. So he is arguably the second-best boxer or some even put him as the best boxer of his era. The only other fighter that could be in the argument as well is of course Floyd Mayweather. What both achieved are totally different and are great in their own rights, it is a matter of opinion on who was the best.

Speaking of which, Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather also holds the record as the biggest fight of all time. So not only did they win multiple major belts but they also own the biggest PPV in boxing.

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 11: Floyd Mayweather (L) and Manny Pacquiao face off at the start of their Press Conference promoting their upcoming fight on March 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images/AFP

One factor that made Pacquiao retire is not only his age and health but also his interest in running for President this upcoming election. Although there were already reports that he might run for President, his last performance may have helped with his decision to hang his gloves for good.

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