Max Holloway Believes Conor McGregor Should Fight CM Punk Next

A few days ago, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, the UFC’s reigning lightweight champion, showered praises upon top contender Max “Blessed” Holloway, even after the Hawaiian fighter dug into the Irishman with a volley of harsh statements.

Holloway blasted McGregor for not defending his belts and vowed to end the lightweight champ’s “fairytale”. McGregor however responded with class and said he wasn’t offended by Holloway’s comments. He even went so far as to praise Holloway for his resilience and various improvements.

But in typical McGregor fashion, the Irishman got the last word in when he reminded everyone that he beat Holloway. “I sonned that young boy,” said McGregor. McGregor beat Holloway as a featherweight back in 2013, in just his second bout in the UFC.

Max Holloway offers to end Conor MCGregor’s fairytale, but he thinks the Irishman would rather ‘run off’

Max Holloway isn’t happy with Conor McGregor

Despite the nice words McGregor had for Holloway, “Blessed” took an offense to McGregor’s ‘sonned’ comment. Holloway was a recent guest on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani and unloaded his sentiments.

“The props, he kind of like … you know when you tell someone ‘good job’ then at the end of the whole conversation he ended up saying, ‘I still beat the kid.’ If you are going to give someone props, give them props,” said Holloway (quotes transcribed by MMAMania) “He made it look like, ‘He complimented you, Max, why are you saying stuff about him?’ No he didn’t. He said the facts, after we fought I’m on this win streak, facts. Then at the end he says he won.”

“It is what it is. He says our fight between me and him is there, but it’s low on the totem pole,” Holloway said. “Then he is over here talking about fighting Paulie in MMA. It’s like, the guy should call out C.M. Punk, at least CM Punk got some time in UFC. I don’t know, it makes no sense to me. This guy is over here fighting exhibition matches. If that’s what you want to do, and he don’t want to be about that champ life, so be it.”


Conor McGregor vs CM Punk?

So not only did Holloway dig into McGregor, but he also took a dig at the infamous CM Punk. CM Punk, for those who don’t know, is the popular WWE wrestler who decided to give Mixed Martial Arts a try. The 38-year-old spent nearly two years in training, working on his striking and grappling game only to succumb to little known Micky Gall in just two minutes at UFC 203.

Punk was humiliated out of his mind and no one thinks he will ever step into the Octagon ever again (but stranger things have happened). So for Holloway to even mention Punk in the same breath as McGregor is obviously a huge insult.

It seems the war of words is definitely starting to heat up between Holloway and McGregor. McGregor is right now leaning towards a showdown with interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson however. And the Irishman has yet to appear inside the Octagon this year. So a bout with Holloway, as McGregor mentioned, is definitely “low on the totem pole.”