Should Darren Till consider moving to 170?

At one point, Darren Till was the betting favorite to take the title against Tyron Woodley. During that time, he was an undefeated lion that was coming off a unanimous decision win against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Till had the potential to become one of UFC’s megastar as he had the charisma and a country behind him.

Unfortunately, he fell short when he fought for the title. Many were saying he was still too green to fight for the title. Many were saying that he needed one or two more wins in order to fight for the title. Colby Covington was the interim champion that time as well so he should have been the one fighting for the title.

Darren Till. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

After losing his first title shot, he was set to face Gamebred Masvidal. He got brutally knocked out that many were even shocked. It was an upset loss, at that point maybe they are suspecting that Till is cutting a massive weight that it decreases his durability. A bigger weight cut can lead to bad recovery.

So it makes sense that he moves up to middleweight as it could give him better success. Robert Whittaker is one notable fighter that eventually became a champion after moving up from welterweight to middleweight.

As for Till, he fought Kelvin Gastelum for his first MW fight, he started as MW for his MMA career but this is his first MW UFC fight. He won a split decision, outpointing Kelvin Gastelum. Many were saying he was a bit boring as they expected a knockout but he arrived more cautious.

In his next fight, he fought Robert Whittaker. He performed well and gave Whittaker more problems than other past opponents ever did. Unfortunately, Whittaker was just the better fighter that night. He had great timings and especially his combos.

After suffering many injuries, he was eventually scheduled to face Derek Brunson. He had no answer with Brunson’s wrestling to the point that he got stopped on the ground. He may have better striking but he cannot utilize it once Brunson takes him down.

Now we look at Till’s career, he has shown to have better success at welterweight. He is still young and his ceiling is high in terms of improvement. The question is should he move back down to welterweight and start a run or should he continue fighting at middleweight? Who should he fight next? There is no denying if Till becomes a champion, he will become an instant star.

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