Swimming vs. MMA? Only if Conor McGregor is allowed to punch Michael Phelps on the chin before they start the race…

Just 12 months ago who would have thought Conor McGregor would fight Floyd Mayweather in boxing? Even when the fight was announced, fans struggled to believe such an apparently lopsided affair could transpire.

Crossing over in sports is a risky business, as many boxers have found when starting MMA. For McGregor entering his debut against one of the all time greats, the odds were truly stacked against him.

McGregor lost but gained the respect of many heads in the boxing game. Landing some good shots, McGregor at least put up a fight where many believed he couldn’t. In the end, it was just too much of a task even for the slick striking Irishman.

Where things took a rather comical turn was after the fight, when McGregor was challenged by swimming legend Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps sent out a Tweet to Conor McGregor offering him a race in the pool…

Phelps Offers Conor McGregor a Big Advantage in The Pool

Speaking with The National, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps says he really would take on Conor McGregor in a race. Considering he is one of the greatest to ever hit the water, Phelps concedes he would give ‘The Notorious’ a fairly big head start:

“Everyone kept tweeting and retweeting this photo that I tweeted of him and I across from each other,” Phelps said. “I said it as a joke. If he wants to swim, I don’t care. I’ll race him.

“If we did it in a year, and I trained for a year, or even six months, I could probably go 48 seconds if I had to. I don’t see him breaking a minute. So I could probably beat him with a 50 metre head start.

“I would definitely exercise the option to have a conversation if he wants to swim.”

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Michael Phelps with his many Olympic gold medals…

“He’s a plus 6, I’m a nine [handicap], and he is still killing me,” said Phelps, who is in Dubai for the opening of the Under Armour store in Dubai Mall.

“It shows how hard it is to do other sports,” he said. “That fight between [McGregor] and Floyd was great.

“I knew it would be very hard for him to win, because Floyd is Floyd. That guy is pretty damn good – plus it is another sport.”

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Michael Phelps famously raced a shark in a straight line, well a computer generated shark, and didn’t lose by much. Apparently Conor McGregor has invited a shark to his gym already…

Phelps is no stranger to quirky challenges in the pool. In July, he lost a race to a computer generated shark, and in 2009 he raced the basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

“When I raced Shaq, I had a broken foot, I had just been in a car accident and broke my right foot, so I couldn’t straighten my foot,” Phelps said.

“But Shaq, obviously, is massive.”

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