Mike Tyson will return to the ring once again to fight Roy Jones Jr. It will be an exhibition match so it will not be put on their records. One of the recent popular matches were Mayweather vs Teshin and Chavez Sr vs Arce. Even though it will be an exhibition match, most fans will tune in to watch this fight. Both fighters are taking this as a serious fight. So people will get their money’s worth.

Mike Tyson is one of the biggest names in terms of popularity in the sport of boxing. His ruthlessness, killer instinct, and intimidation made him one of the scariest fighters. He became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion which to this day hasn’t been broken.  He won the WBC belt against Trevor Berbick at only 20 years and 145 days.

During this time, Tyson was the baddest man on the planet. Most of who he fought got knocked out left and right. The ring walk even intimidates the opponents. Some fighters even do not want to fight him even if he is the champion.

The signature style of Mike Tyson was the peek-a-boo style. It was entertaining to the fullest. The concept is that he covers his face with both of his hands and slip in a motion like a swing. It makes it easier to throw a jab while slipping punches. He could make the opponent pay for missing a punch and countering it instantly. The late great Cus D Amato is the one who taught him this style.

He had his first loss against Buster Douglas which was one of the biggest upsets in boxing. Buster Douglas was then proven to be a one-hit-wonder. It the only championship fight he won, after that Douglas lost his belts against Evander Holyfield.

Evander Holyfield has fought Mike Tyson twice and won both of them. Holyfield had a good gameplan in fighting Tyson. There was the infamous ear-biting of the Mike Tyson the rematch. Both fighters showed respect a few years after and shown that they can still be friends.

One of the biggest fights in his career was when he fought Lennox Lewis. It was for the WBC, IBF, IBO, and The Ring titles. It was the biggest heavyweight fight to make during that time. Tyson fought and beat Andrew Golota to prepare for Lewis but failed a drug test which resulted in a delay.

The fight did happen but Tyson just had no answer to Lewis style and size. Lennox Lewis is just too big that it is difficult to close the distance. Lewis is also strong in terms of brute force and has more tools that are furnished.

One could argue that even though Mike Tyson has not the best resume compared to other boxing greats. He is still one of the most popular heavyweight boxers today. The only other that is more popular might be Muhammad Ali who he looked up to. Tyson showed great respect in Ali that he brought him the Tyson vs Holmes fight where it ended in a spectacular knockout.

Mike Tyson is the main attraction in the event. There are still many hardcore fans that love Tyson. He went into a bad state of drugs, money, and prison but he still showed the heart of a champion by coming back being a stable person. His wisdom and word-choice show that he is an extraordinary man.



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