A horrific attack took place in Hamburg, Germany on Wednesday. An MMA fighter was attacked by a group of men from a rival gym wielding machetes, knives, and batons.

In a story that was first reported by German website www.gnp1.de, the attack took place at 9:45 pm local time. Abeku Afful, a 4-3 professional fighter who runs Hammerbrook Gym, had just finished training when the assault took place. A group of five men wearing masks entered the facility and brutally assaulted Afful.

Abeku Afful’s MMA career is in jeopardy after this life threatening attack

A few gym members were also in the gym and witnessed the attack. Afful was surrounded by the men and beaten. He received serious injuries including a huge gash on his left leg that severed an artery and tendon. The deep wound left a pool of blood on the floor of the gym.

Witnesses were able to identify three of the attackers based on appearance and the sound of their voices. Ismail Cetinkaya, the head coach of Hamburg MMA gym, and two others were arrested and taken into custody.

Hammerbrook Gym. Hamburg, Germany.

Afful is apparently a former student of Cetinkaya, but left Hamburg MMA to open up his own gym. Tension had been building between the two since the opening of Hammerbrook Gym. Reports say that the reason for the attack is that a female trainer from Hamburg MMA was seen training with Afful at Hammerbrook Gym. Cetinkaya was not happy about this and allegedly had been sending threatening text messages to both Afful and the female trainer.

Afful was training in preparation for a fight this Saturday in Bremen, Germany. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and underwent an emergency operation for a severed artery in his leg. He is now reportedly in stable condition in the ICU and recovering from the attack. Graphic images from the scene of the crime can be seen on the next page.

Warning: Graphic Images On Page 2

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