In MMA there are plenty of examples of people who can fight hard and party hard too, but then there are those who take it to the next level.

In this article we’ll look at 10 of the sport’s most notorious party animals and discover what happens when fighters become so seduced by alcohol, drugs, sex and late night parties that it starts to have an impact on their fighting careers.

Chris Leben

Chris Leben became infamous for his boozy antics on The Ultimate Fighter season 1, such as the time in a fit of drunken rage he smashed the front door of the TUF house and then punched a hole in a bedroom door.

Leben later said the show was an eye-opener for him as he, “didn’t realize that people didn’t wake up and drink every day.”

That didn’t stop him though as just days prior to his UFC debut against Patrick Cote in 2005, Leben got “blackout drunk,” at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, had to bribe his way out of being arrested and then woke up the next morning in his hotel room covered in vomit.

Leben somehow won his fight with Cote that weekend, then woke up the next morning lying in the desert, his pants stained with urine and an empty bottle of vodka by his side.

Alcohol was far from Leben’s only addiction though, with illicit drugs and painkillers also being on the menu too, and it led to a crazy anything-goes lifestyle throughout his career.

“I’ve been with playmates in a penthouse, and I’ve been smoking crack with bums under a bridge,” Leben told MMAJunkie. “My life has taken me in both directions, kind of at the same time.

Drew Fickett

The big problem for Drew Fickett has always been that when he drinks he can’t stop drinking.

Nevertheless, a drink-fueled Fickett still made it to the UFC in 2005, but just two years later he was released after a drunken brawl with a bouncer at the Palms in Las Vegas, followed by more inebriated troublemaking that saw him thrown out of the ADCC submission grappling championships.

His battle with alcoholism didn’t stop there and in 2009 he was prevented from competing at a Rage In The Cage event after showing up to his fight drunk.

Fickett was drinking morning, noon and night by then, such as the time he missed a flight home the day after a fight because he was too busy chugging down an entire suitcase of beer after being prevented from taking it on-board.

At his worst Fickett admits that he’d go to the off-license at 6am in the morning, while he hit rock bottom after inviting a local homeless person to move in with him, only for his companion to opt to go back on the streets several days into their subsequent drunken bender as the fighter was, “too out of control.”

Jon Jones

It’s quite remarkable that perhaps the greatest MMA fighter of all-time, Jon Jones has also been one of the hardest partying stars ever to set foot in the Octagon.

“I literally would, one week before every fight, I would go out and I would get blacked out wasted,” Jones once admitted on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

There is plenty of other evidence of Jones’ party lifestyle out there though.

Back in 2012 he was arrested on suspicion of DUI after crashing his $400,000 Bentley into a pole at 5am in New York with two 25-year-old girls on-board.

Then Jones tested positive for cocaine prior to UFC 182 in 2014, and he’s since admitted that it wasn’t a one-off.

“If you can afford to smoke a little weed, and do a little coke, and still win world titles, who’s to tell you you can’t?” Jones told Bleacher Report.

There was also the infamous hit-and-run incident in which the night after a ‘crazy’ house party, Jones crashed a rented SUV into a pregnant woman’s car, then fled the scene, leaving behind a marijuana pipe, condoms and wads of cash.

Despite going to rehab in the summer of 2018, he confessed months later to reporter Ariel Helwani that he was still drinking and smoking pot.

“I’m not ready for [sobriety]. It’s not who I was and it’s not who I am.”

Melvin Guillard

Melvin Guillard became hooked on partying after sneaking out of the TUF house in Las Vegas one night during the filming of Season two to attend a pool party, then later hanging out at two football player’s hotel suite.

”There was drugs and b*tches everywhere,” Guillard told Bleacher Report years later. “They said, ‘It’s yours. Anything you want. Have fun.’ That was how it all started for me.”

Against his better judgement, Guillard quickly became immersed in that way of life.

“Can I really be great at fighting and do this at the same time? I started telling myself, ‘Yeah, I can work it into my schedule. I can have fun and party with b—hes and focus on my fight career.’ And for a long time I did.”

However, Guillard tested positive for cocaine a few fights later and was banned for 8 months.

After trying to turn his life around, Guillard’s performances again started to slide downhill again and he would eventually crash out of the UFC.

He’d then repeatedly miss weight while continuing his losing streak in the WSOF and Bellator promotions amid talk that he was back to his old ways and barely training at all.

Guillard again tested positive for cocaine in 2016, while a year later he was arrested after KO’ing two men during a bar fight in Denver.

Nick Diaz

while he managed to steer clear of alcohol in his 20’s, Nick Diaz was lured into the party lifestyle by none other than Ronda Rousey.

“Ronda Rousey came to my house and she was like, ‘mother f-cker, you need to loosen up,'” Diaz told Sports Joe a few years ago. “She put a bottle of tequila in front of me, boom, slid it over on the table and was like, ‘hey, time for you to have a shot.’ I was like, ‘uhhh, alright. I’ll get drunk with you.'”

That was the catalyst for Diaz’s transition into a party animal, and he’s pushed fighting aside now for several years in favor of drinking and clubbing at all hours of the night and day.

“I don’t want to hurt nobody, I just want to party,” a drunken Diaz tolds fans recently, and the word is he can party with the best of them.

“You can’t out-drink Nick,” Yancy Medeiros told BJPenn Radio last year. “…The first time I ever got drunk, blacked out, was at Nick’s. He freaking Jedi mind tricked me man. I swear, he just kept passing me Jameson. Boom, boom, boom! Next thing I know, I woke up in the shower, naked.”

However, it’s not all fun and games though as Diaz got two DUI’s in 2015, while in 2018 he was accused of committing domestic violence and using cocaine by an ex-girlfriend, though the case was later dismissed.

Chuck Liddell

In his prime, Chuck Liddell was one of the biggest stars in the UFC has ever seen, but he was also partying just as hard as he was fighting.

“The night before he fought Couture [and lost], it’s like 2:30 a.m. at the Hard Rock, and I’m walking through the Hard Rock and he is f—–g there,” Dana White recalled on Joe Rogan’s podcast. “I go, ‘what the f–k are you doing!’”

Back then Liddell was constantly being photographed in bars, clubs and was being romantically linked to tv hosts, movie actresses and porn stars.

There were many wild nights along the way, including an infamous backstreet brawl involving multiple UFC fighters following a UFC 38 afterparty in London.

However, it was only a matter of time before that lifestyle finally caught up with Liddell, and in 2007 he appeared to fall asleep during an incoherent interview on ‘Good Morning Texas.’

That coincided with a sharp decline in his career, before being forced into retirement by White in 2010.

“Partying kills fighters. I saw it happen with Chuck,” White told Rogan. “It makes me wonder if he hadn’t partied how much longer he could have stayed.”

Conor McGregor

When it comes to partying like a rockstar, Conor McGregor has the fame and the fortune to do it like nobody else.

In fact, McGregor does regularly party with rockstars, such as superstar rapper Drake, who was part of his entourage for his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 last year and was by his side at a Las Vegas nightcub one night later, flanked by two Victoria Secret models.

Earlier that year Australian singer Conrad Sewell told the UK tabloids that he fell off the sobriety wagon after going on a wild night out with McGregor in Dublin after a show.

“S*** got out of control,” Sewell said. “We had a show the next night and no one could find me.”

Even in the earlier days of his UFC career McGregor was still living it large, being pictured slapping the derriere of a bikini-bottomed girl he was carrying on his shoulder while attending a strip club in Vegas with NFL hall-of-famer Willy Roaf in 2013.

McGregor has often been photographed looking ‘worse for wear’ during nights out, but never moreso than when he and his entourage flew to Liverpool to attend the Grand National in 2017 and ended up on a five day bender, visiting clubs, house parties and trashing a hotel room,before somehow ending up in someone’s backgarden treehouse.

Later that year, McGregor was pictured getting cosy with singer Rita Orr at the Fashion Awards in London, while that was followed by another night of partying in which he and his entourage reportedly brought back 10 girls from a club to their hotel suite.

Tank Abbott

While most early UFC fighters represented a specific martial art, Tank Abbott proudly proclaimed to be a barroom brawler, and had the beer belly to prove it.

As former fighter Gary Goodridge once put it, “With Tank, it sometimes seemed as though fighting got in the way of his partying.”

Never was that more true than when he was called up on just three days notice to fight Maurice Smith for the heavyweight title at UFC 15, with Tank proclaiming that, “I fell off the bar stool into the Octagon!”

Abbott’s boozy brawls at UFC events are legendary, such as the time he stood side-by-side Mark Coleman fighting a swarm of people after clashing with Wallid Ismael at a cocktail party following UFC 13.

Abbott’s excessive drinking would prove costly in the end as in 2018 he revealed that he’d had to undergo a liver transplant.

“I finally got caught up with all my wild life and blew a gasket on my liver,” Abbott told The Hannibal TV, revealing that he’d also had multiple strokes and spent over 100 days in intensive care.

Paulo Filho

At one point Paulo Filho was considered to be an elite middleweight fighter, but the self-confessed ‘night owl’s’ career came off the rails due to alcohol, drugs and partying.

Filho first tried cocaine at a party in Mexico while celebrating beating Chael Sonnen back in 2007, and he instantly becoming hooked on it.

“I was bewitched,” Filho told years later. “I had money, fame. I didn’t become a jerk, but I damaged myself partying, enjoying life in a way that I never was able to [before].

It didn’t take long for his increasing use of alchohol and drugs to impact on his career, leading to a bizarre rematch with Chael Sonnen the following year in which he seemed confused, disorientated and possibly even hallucinating while in the cage.

The bad publicity that came with that loss didn’t stop Filho, who admits to being high on cocaine during other fights and continuing to party.

He’s repeatedly tried to get clean, but in 2014 Filho was shot in the leg by a security guard after becoming irate at being refused entry to a house party in Rio De Janeiro, while in 2017 he was inolved in a late night car crash after driving on the wrong side of the road.

Ricco Rodriguez

At the height of his UFC run, former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez was partying hard and became addicted to drugs, which coincided with a series of losses and a return to the regional circuit.

However, he continued to live it up and ballooned in weight after being released from the UFC, tipping the scales at a whopping 350lbs just a few years later.

In 2006, Rodriguez was suspended for 6 months after testing positive for cocaine and marijuana, while in 2008 he appeared on the first season of VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab With Dr.Drew’ show, citing issues with substance abuse and gambling.

During the show, Rodriguez made a shocking confession that one night while high he had crashed his car into an 18-wheeler. Mistakenly believing his girlfriend had died in the crash, he then moved her to the driver seat since his license was suspended due to another DUI incident.

Rodriguez claimed to have turned his life around after appearing on the show, though in 2013 he was again arrested for misdemeanor DUI.

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