UFC star Nate Diaz has remained quiet since the whole storm about fighting Tyron Woodley started. Until now, as the 209 bad boy teases fans with a cryptic social media post…

Does the UFC need their fighters more than fighters need them? It’s an interesting quandary, one that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz both currently pose the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

Certainly, with Diaz, he has stuck to his guns as far as his demands are concerned so far. Shooting to global fame overnight with his submission win over McGregor at UFC 196, Diaz played his hand very well.

Using the UFC and McGregor’s need for a rematch as leverage, Diaz made serious bank for the UFC 202 rematch. Although he lost by narrow decision, the anti-hero of the UFC had earned enough cheddar to make some lofty demands.

When it comes to a McGregor rematch, it appears the timing isn’t right at present. That doesn’t mean the UFC wasn’t going to offer Diaz a massive fight, though.

The UFC offered Nate Diaz a title fight the same week Conor McGregor was confirmed to be out another six months…

Diaz vs. Woodley?

Suddenly Nate Diaz was heavily linked to a welterweight title fight on December 30. With the UFC 219 main event yet to be announced at the time, Diaz vs. welterweight boss was rumored for the top spot.

Woodley even revealed he had signed the contract to face Diaz, making it far more than just speculation. Reports indicated Diaz had then turned down the bout, with indicators pointing to contractual disagreements with the UFC.

Then, in typical Nate Diaz fashion, the elusive Diaz sent out the following social media post:


Empty Without Diaz?

According to Tyron Woodley, it’s not about the money. If anything, ‘The Chosen One’ believes Diaz is scared to fight him:

“I’m here,” Woodley said. “All I need is the paperwork sent — UFC 219, Dec. 30 needs a headliner. It’s been offered to me, it’s been offered to Nate Diaz. Unfortunately, one half has not accepted. So you guys, people listening and watching, you guys need to get the Twitter fingers and ask your man that said ‘Don’t be scared,’ why is he scared?”

“Our sport is out of the blue at this point. So, there’s no real rules,” Woodley said.

Jul 30, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Tyron Woodley reacts after knocking out Robbie Lawler (not shown) in the first round for the world welterweight championship during UFC 201 at Phillips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

“I’m a huge fan of the Diaz boys. I’m a huge fan of what they’ve done for our sport. I feel like it’s not about the rankings anymore. Sometimes the rankings are a little shaky.

When you think about who’s put in the most work, the most time, is he not deserving of the world title based upon what he did? Fighting Conor McGregor; even before, just fighting in these wars.”

And so it continues…

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