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Since defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 196, Nate Diaz has experienced new-found levels of fame. Having fought for the UFC for 10 years, both the Diaz brothers have been cult heroes for the most part.

Fighting McGregor once again at UFC 202, Nate found himself in a strange position. Although he lost, it was a narrow decision, but one thing was clear; The UFC wanted no part of a trilogy fight.

Dana White’s Opinion

In a rather shameful statement, UFC president Dana White openly admitted he was protecting Conor McGregor. White said it wasn’t fair to put someone ‘special’ like McGregor through another war with Diaz.

For all those fighters in the past that had trios of big fights, this is essentially a slap in the face. Nate Diaz demanded $20 million or he wouldn’t fight, but White reached out with an offer just yesterday, check it out, followed by Diaz’s response:

Diaz Offered Fight

“We just offered Nate Diaz a fight, and we’re waiting to hear back from him, so we’ll see,” White told USA TODAY Sports. “These guys say they want a fight – I offered Nick Diaz two fights. He turned down two fights. I offered him Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler accepted the fight. Then I offered him Demian Maia. Nick Diaz turned down two fights. And then we just offered Nate a fight.”

“The most difficult to get in the octagon,” White asked himself. ” I don’t know. Right now it’s the Diaz brothers. Right here, right now. But throughout history, I don’t know.”

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Diaz’s Response

Clearly not amused by White’s offer, Nate Diaz sent a four-word Tweet out to his employers. Rumour has it that Eddie Alvarez was offered. Fans will remember Alvarez was destroyed by McGregor for the lightweight title at UFC 205.

Here’s what Diaz had to say:

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  1. You don’t fight, you don’t get paid. You are not worth 1 million never the less 20 million. You only have value when you fight McCheesburger, so quit crying like you are worth more than you are.

    • Smh, easily worth it, how much does UFC make from a PPV with a Diaz bro vs without one on the card? Thought so, hardly anyone cares about most of what the UFC has to offer now.

  2. All these fighters are under paid. UFC makes big time bucks at the expense of these men and women.

  3. I’ll fight McGregor for one million. That’s all I need. Sign me on. Not even kidding.

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