That’s some big cheddar these guys are looking for…

UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has never been what you’d describe as a ‘poster boy.’ Terms like that remain for guys like Georges St-Pierre, Conor McGregor and other ‘company men.’ Fact is, he wouldn’t be Nate Diaz if he went with the grain.

Being the anti-hero has earned both Diaz brothers a ton of fans, but hasn’t left them in good standing with their employers. As unfortunate and somewhat unfair as this is, the UFC has made it very clear they don’t like Nate.

Perhaps it’s not a personal thing, but it terms of business, the UFC doesn’t think Nate is a needle mover. As a result, they aren’t willing to offer him what many think he’s worth, and so he’ll likely not fight for a long time.

Nate Diaz has made a career out of not giving a f*ck, but it might be coming back to bite him on the ass…

Nate Diaz Being Sued For Big Money From UFC 202

Undoubtedly the biggest payday of Nate Diaz’s career was UFC 202. Rematching Conor McGregor after destroying him at UFC 196 gave Nate a huge bargaining chip. Unfortunately for Diaz, his former agents at that time now want a piece of the pie, via Bloody Elbow:

TMZ reported the lawsuit that has been filed in District Court in Dallas by The Ballengee Group, Nate Diaz’s former agency. The group claims to have negotiated several deals for Nate Diaz, including both fights against Conor McGregor.

The lawsuit claims over $1 million in damages after Diaz supposedly never paid the group for negotiating his contract for UFC 202.

The group claims that they were fired after the bout negotiations were already completed, but before Diaz stepped into the Octagon with McGregor for the second time.

Tax Lesson From Nick Diaz

Remember when Nick Diaz said at the UFC press conference that he’d never paid taxes?

“I just have to invest a little more money (in training),” Diaz said when asked what he would do if he does stay in the UFC instead of retiring as he hinted at. “Now that I have a little bit more money. I’ve never paid taxes in my life and I’ll probably go to jail.

“No one wants to hear about that, no one wants to hear about that kinda talk or what’s really going on with me. I might as well just be a kid.”

April 13, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC president Dana White moderates a press conference following TUF 17 Finale at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Dana on Nick’s Tax Fiasco

“At the end of the day, Nick has been in the sport forever, he wanted a shot at the title and he got a shot at the title and he got paid a lot of money for it,” White said. “What’s sad is, he’s gotta go pay his taxes, that’s going to be (expletive); that will be sad.

“If someone doesn’t take care of that kid and get him set straight, then you know. He came out here publicly tonight and said he’s never paid taxes in his life. Holy (expletive)! I mean, that’s bad. Somebody better handle that with his check and make sure that kid doesn’t end up with nothing.”

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